What November looks like in North Bavaria

Romantic and nostalgy…beautiful golden autumn in Deutschland


Autumn is the eternal corrective. It is ripeness and color and a time of maturity; but it is also breadth, and depth, and distance. What man can stand with autumn on a hilltop and fail to see the span of his world and the meaning of the rolling hills that reach to the far horizon?

Hal Borland


Once a very wise man told me that sometimes in your life, you go through several tiny signs and slight changes, which all go in the same direction. You do not necessary understand the meaning nor do you see the direction instantaneously. But once, every piece fall into its place, and suddently your puzzle is ready. And you can see the new direction and understand that it’s exactly what you wanted. In such times, he said, one day could be enough to make the most important decisions of your life, without fear or doubts.

In my case, tiny signs were accumulating since a while. And during one beautiful automnal week end in Germany, some conversations with a friend, some pictures taken, some exhibitions & castles visited made it happen!  I came back and I suddently knew I’ll put a blog in place. Well, creating a blog is not what I call a revolution, but it is a first step of my future artistic greatness in claiming my creativity to the world 🙂

So my first post is devoted to Germany…and to my friend – thank you for inspiration!

In Heidelberg, we chanced upon one of loveliest streets I ever saw, all full of potted flowers, wild vines, bikes and sunshine.

DSC04669 - CopieDSC04671 - CopieDSC04676 - CopieDSC04677 - CopieDSC04697 - CopieDSC04702 - CopieDSC04714 - CopieDSC04724 - CopieDSC04740 - CopieDSC04761 - CopieDSC04771 - Copie

A tea in Hirschgasse Hotel, the oldest hotel of Heidelberg which claims itself as the oldest student duelling house of Germany. We found no duels in there, but artfully rustic, traditional and luxuous atmosphere.DSC04802 - Copie

Their tables drove me crazy! Incredible work on wood:DSC04807 - CopieDSC04811 - CopieDSC04819 - CopieDSC04863 - CopieDSC04876 - CopieDSC04904 - CopieDSC04931 - CopieDSC04939 - CopieDSC04957 - CopieDSC04942 - CopieDSC04958 - CopieDSC04959 - CopieDSC04960 - Copie

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