Why did I fall in love with Antwerp


With no especial legends of marchings or triumphs or duty,
Assuredly that is the way of it,
The way of beauty. . . .
And that is the highest word you can find to say of it.
For you cannot praise it with words
Compounded of lyres and swords,
But the thought of the gloom and the rain
And the ugly coated figure, standing beside a drain,
Shall eat itself into your brain:
And you will say of all heroes, ‘They fought like the Belgians!’
And you will say, ‘He wrought like a Belgian his fate out of
And you will say, ‘He bought like a Belgian
His doom.’

“Antwerp” Ford Madox Hueffer, 1915

Northern beauty which origin is issued from a legend, Antwerp keeps the character of its splendor and fate. The richest city in Europe in XVI century, homeland of renowned artists and scientists, and a fierce fighter for the independency, Antwerpen has the magnetism of cities which gained their place in the history.

You get impressioned by the city from the first sight, when you arrive to Antwerpen Centraal, which you do not know is whether a railway station, or actually a palace. Newsweek described it as a “train station as grand as journey”, and rates it as fourth best train stations in the world (behind St. Pancras in London, Grand Central Terminal, in New York, and Chhatrapati Shivaji in Mumbai).

DSC00724 - CopieDSC00722 - CopieDSC00709 - Copie

The city keeps charming you by its heights, …DSC01018 - Copie

DSC01009 - CopieDSC00960 - CopieDSC00754 - CopieDSC00851 - Copie

…its curves, …DSC00863 - Copie

…and a thousand of tiny details which give depth and flavour to its character:DSC00843

DSC01002 - Copie

DSC00993 - Copie
DSC00954 - CopieDSC00849 - CopieDSC00930 - Copie

Hmm, Kaasstraat…ja, dat is goed…wanna live there 🙂

DSC00864 - CopieDefinitely in love with Flemish architecture! DSC00745 - Copie     DSC00821 - CopieDSC00749 - Copie

DSC01220 - CopieDSC01191 - Copie DSC01176 - Copie

Some panoramas from Rubenshuis:DSC01177 - CopieDSC01181 - CopieDSC01180 - Copie  DSC01102 - Copie DSC01100 - Copie DSC01092 - Copie DSC01046 - Copie

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