Moscow, baby!

DSC01752 - Copie

Ты никогда не бывал В нашем городе светлом,
Над вечерней рекой Не мечтал до зари.
С друзьями ты не бродил По широким проспектам,
Значит ты не видал Лучший город земли.

К нам в Москву приезжай И пройдись по Арбату,
Окунись на Тверской В шум зелёных аллей.
Хотя бы раз посмотри, Как танцуют девчата
На ладонях больших Голубых площадей.

Слова ты вспомнишь мои, Если только приедешь
И увидишь хоть раз Лучший город Земли.

Песня плывёт, сердце поёт, Эти слова – о тебе, Москва!

Л. Дербенев, 1964

Sie macht mich geil ich leide Qualen
Sie tanzt für mich ich muss bezahlen
я должен платить
Sie schläft mit mir doch nur für Geld
Ist doch die schönste Stadt der Welt*

Rammstein, 2014

Secular history and crazy drive. Bold, high-speed, vintage, sexy, unique – welcome to one of my favourite capital cities!

DSC01698 - CopieDSC01877 - CopieХрам Христа Спасителя, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is the tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world, and a cultural symbol that means a lot, as it witnessed the best and worst episodes of Russian history. First built to celebrate the retreat of Napoleon from Russia, pillaged and demolished by communists, than rebuilt again on the end of nineties, it is a symbol of resistance and persistence of faith and values over scurvy interest.
DSC01713 - Copie
Manege Square and Alexander Garden:
DSC01727 - Copie
Георгий Победоносец or Saint George, was the patron saint of Yury Dolgoruky, who founded Moscow, and is the heraldic emblem of the city. He also is part of coat of arms of Russia since the XVI century. 
DSC01730 - Copie
Manege lights and view on Nikolskaya and Spasskaya Towers
DSC01732 - Copie
DSC01733 - Copie!! Saint Basil!DSC01779 - CopieDSC01753 - Copie

Witches on Red Square!DSC01812 - CopieDSC01778 - CopieView on Moscow from Sparrow Hills. .Deep softness of an August evening, champaign, chocolates in company of good friends….unforgettable moments.
DSC01834 - CopieDSC01789 - Copie

Москва-Сити, Moscow-city, new Business Center illustrates the incredible capacity of Moscow to reinvent itself, keeping its own strong character.DSC01864 - CopieDSC01866 - Copie

oh yeah!

DSC01902 - CopieDSC01903 - CopieDSC01905 - Copie DSC01907 - CopieDSC01908 - CopieDSC01782 - CopieDSC01786 - Copie DSC01910 - Copie DSC01912 - Copie

“Из ресторанов в космос не летают!” – “people aren’t going to space from restaurants” – is a quote from Yuri Gagarin. That’s an art object from Sergei Bratkov, inaugurated on the Astranaut day. The meaning? We should not be satisfied with a simple time spending and aim for more global life targets. The building you see behind is a fancy restaurant…that’s Moscow 🙂DSC01921 - Copie DSC01927 - Copie DSC01936 - Copie DSC01947 - Copie DSC01949 - Copie DSC01951 - Copie DSC01979 - Copie

DSC01982 - Copie

And now, close your eyes and listen…

Listen to “Лучший город земли” (Best city of the world) on Youtube:

Listen to “Moscow never sleeps” on Youtube:

*You’ve never been
In our city, the bright,
Over the evening river
Do not dream until dawn.
With friends you have not wandered
Along the wide avenues,
So you have not seen
The best city in the world.
The song floats, heart sings
These words – about you, Moscow!
The song floats, heart sings
These words – about you, Moscow!
For us to come to Moscow
And pass on the Arbat,
Plunge on Tverskaya
In the noise of green lanes.
Though would just look,
As the girls dance
The hands of large
Blue squares.
The song floats, heart sings
These words – about you, Moscow!
The song floats, heart sings
These words – about you, Moscow!
You will remember my words,
Unless you come
And you’ll see at least once
The best city in the world.
The song floats, heart sings
These words – about you, Moscow!
The song floats, heart sings
These words – about you Moscow!

The Best City Of The World – L.Derbenev, performed by M.Magomaev,  translation from

*She makes me horny I suffer torment
She dances for me I have to pay
I have to pay
She sleeps with me but only for money
It’s still the most beautiful city in the world

Rammstein & TATU, translation from

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