Paris – Christmas lights

Sharing with you some pictures taken on a walk in my favourite place in Paris.


A golden triangle formed by the Opéra, Louvre, and Haussman, it is definitely a concentrate of Paris. Beautiful classical architecture, the art present in any form! – the Opéra and Louvre of course, but also La Comédie Française, art and antiquities galleries… Add to this typically Parisian gardens (Tuileries and Jardin de Palais Royal), best and the most various restaurants…and, yes, shopping! Should it be antiquarian, or luxuries, or simple classical shopping – everything is there!

The Opéra…unique avenue in Paris without any tree at all, to entirely open the view on this incomparable façade.DSC05036DSC05045&On the stairs in front of the Opera, one of favourite appointement places for Parisians, and shooting hot spot for tourists and fashion bloggers 🙂 Very often, improvised live concerts take place there…I took those pics listening to All of me (not by John himself unfortunately, but brilliant performance though):DSC05038&André Malraux square:
DSC05034DSC05031&This is actually a Christmas tree…well a very baroque version of it, suspended upside down in Galéries Lafayette. They traditionally install a giant Christmas tree under the dome, which varies in originality 🙂
DSC05058& DSC05070& Charming flower shop in a (relatively) quiet street behind the Galléries.DSC05092

14°C in Paris those last days, the only snowflakes I could find:DSC05075&Talk to you soon, and wish you very nice Christmas holidays, wherever you are!



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