Lighting thousands candles

This is really an outstanding story – by many extent.

panorama 3 objects iris

First, this of outstanding talent of 5 years old Autistic girl painting masterpieces. But also of outstanding love and support of her parents which saw her potential and her unicity beyond her sensory issues. By encouraging her to paint, they focused on her strenght, and found a way to communicate, share her vision of world, and let her talent flourish.

This is a beautiful story – the story of art transcending any frontier, art linking our souls, art being something which all humans share deeply inside, art as ultimate hope.

panorama 3 objects iris 2

This is an empowering story – the story of love transcending any frontier, love erasing all differences, love feeding courage and making everything possible, love as ultimate hope.

panorama 3 objects iris 3

Go to the blog – it is marvellous!

And, should you have children, welcome their personnality. Different ones in general and particularly creative ones need to be understood, encouraged and accepted as they are; please do not push them into being “normal”, into being semblable to others, into being dull.

Fight for their singularity,




– 1st panel: Monsoon/ Story of the secret seahorse/ Water dance

– 2nd panel: Magic Flute/Anima/Explosion of colour

– 3rd panel: Painting a lullaby/Koi/Dance to the oboe


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