Rock it like Pachelbel

A rock version of famous Canon in D…expresses all profoundness, energy and sensuality of the classic original…adding freshness and a rock twist to it:

panorama 3 objectsfuntwo

The original rock version was imagined and arranged by Jerry Chang; here performed by Funtwo, of his real name Jeong-Hyun Lim, at the time computer science student passionate in rock guitar. He litterally woke up one morning to find himself famous after the video of his performance had been shared on the Internet.

Pachelbel’s canon is one of my favourite pieces of classical music, and it is very pleasant to rediscover it in rock version.

What is particularily touching in this video (besides an exceptional guitar playing) is spontaneity and passion of the interpretation. It brilliantly demonstrates that magic doesn’t lie in a fancy recording equipment, nor in perfect conditions. Magic is on your fingertips. You create it when passionate, when confident, when you love what you’re doing.

Magic happens in this tiny dorm room,  where a young talent is entirely devoted to his passion, instilling its own spark into a secular masterpiece.

You can feel the divine presence called inspiration:

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