Get on track for some electro with Sekoia

I always thought I do not like electronic music very much…until I discovered this gem. Sekoia is a Netherlands-based community for deep electronic music, sharing eclectic, beautiful, deep tracks.

panorama 3 objects Sekoia

Saturday evening – a perfect moment for sharing one of my best music discoveries!

The site is very neat and pro, offering one new track per day, enriched with the information concerning the music and its creator. Beautiful wild nature landscape associated to every track add visual pleasure to auditory one (pics are so good, as well as the general design of the site – I absolutely adore it!). Tracks in themselves are pleasantly varied, allowing to enjoy unknown marvels from all over the world.

Enough talking, let’s listen! Sharing some of my favs to make you dream/wake you up/make you run an extra mile.

Mythical, mythical Detian of Weval; no comments; while listening you could imagine Penelope Cruz in a bar if you wish to 🙂

No matter how short was your night, an euphoric Oma of Kölsch will vitamin you up better than a glass of orange juice! Press on play and let the sunshine in!

Subtle and free: When The Birds Go In The Wrong Way by Worakls (Original Mix)

Melodic and enchanting Woodpeckers Love Affair by Miyagi – (Sascha Braemer & Dan Caster Remix). Did not knew those little chap were so romantic 🙂 :

Dark and lyrical Sometimes of Black Birdz (Original Mix) even if would be better without cheesy lyrics

Emotional, dreamy, sparkling Dreams Come True of Cardiowave (Original Mix)

Let Life Dance Thru You of Minilogue (Original Mix) – just cool

Shiny, melancholic, flowing It’s Not Enough by Dusky ft. Janai

It’s not enough? For further information and more music, do not hesitate to visit their website:


  • heading: my own picture of Jersey sunrise + PS + Sekoia logo 
  • all pictures in clips belong to Sekoia

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