Heights of stone and of light: Amiens

The Gothic cathedral is a blossoming in stone subdued by the insatiable demand of harmony in man. The mountain of granite blooms into an eternal flower, with the lightness and delicate finish, as well as the aerial proportions and perspective of vegetable beauty―Ralph Waldo Emerson


Spiritual moment in biggest cathedral in France, where stone walls are as airy as lace, where brightest colors remain solemn, where ubiquitous beauty inspires serenity.

At the beginning of March I headed North in quest for rest, serenity, and hoping to take some pictures of Unesco’s world heritage-classified cathedral.

Vertiginous heights, breathtaking beauty, incredible peace, and a secular history full of secrets and legends…Amiens cathedral has it all. The solemnity and vastness of this place are hard to be fully felt through pictures, but it gives an idea.

Flight over Amiens Cathedral:


The Great Organ, created in 1422, is one of the most ancient organs in France:







Vault of the nave:

Panorama sans titre1vfha


La Rose des Vents, the Wind Rose:






An angel on the Portal of the Last Judgement:


Do you know the difference between gargoyles and chimeras? Both are rather scary fantastic creatures, presenting animal/bird/demon features. Gargoyles are often horizontally placed and always have their maw wide open for their core function is to evacuate rain water far away from the cathedral’s walls. Chimeras are just decorative; maw closed, unsettling look, they observe the cathedral surroundings from the hights of cathedral walls.


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