Rood haar, natuurlijk!

Red hair, sir, in my opinion, is dangerous – P.G. Wodehouse, Very Good, Jeeves!

panorama 3 objects Hanne Van Der Woude V1Hanne Van Der Woude puts fire in her pics portraiting Dutch people with the most beautiful hair colour in the world 🙂

I absolutely love red heads, find them incredibly beautiful! But it is not the only reason why I appreciate Hanne’s work so much. Key words to her pictures are autenticity and temperament. Windy, rainy Dutch paysages, all made of deep greens, heavy greys and vibrant ochers, which so naturally fit with those absolutely, incredibly, insolently red-haired characters. Hanne’s models are both peaceful and intense, radiating with this calm and pure beauty so caracteristic to Dutch people.

In her project MC1R Natuurlijk rood haar she wanted to emphasize both on the original beauty of Dutch landscapes and of natural redheads, which marveously fit together. Red hair results from an altered version of MC1R protein, located on chromosome 16 (dixit Wikipedia), which itself happens to be recessive, which explains the rarety of its occurence  – redheads only represent 1 to 2% of the world population ( 😦 ). One more reason to enjoy this rare beauty:

For more pics, do not hesitate visiting Hanne’s website: (it is in English)


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