Sky is the limit

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. Michael Altshuler

So, guess who’s back after almost three months of silence? I missed you guys, so showing up was just a matter of time…


…meanwhile, I’ve found a new job, lost some pounds, strenghtened my life philosophy, met a very important (little) man, took long holidays and experienced one of the most shaking and profound photo-inspiration feelings I ever had…but one thing after another, now let us just discover a selection of some beautiful sky above Switzerland, Germany, and France.

Sometimes, when absorbed in thinking how to solve everyday life issues (you know, the multitude of these tiny things which finally claims most of our time and energy), I just happen to look at the sky. And to actually see how huge it is, how beautiful and amazingly ephemeral. It reminds me the true dimension of everything, helps me differenciating the important from superficial, the constant from the transitory, the intrinsic from the influenced.

Let me share some of these moments with you:

Sunrise on Mégève (French Alps):


Romantic skies over the Mediterraneen sea:


Cotton candy view from my window:



Tender evening over Swiss mountains, …


…which turned into a dramatic sunset :


Take care, and do not forget to look at the sky sometimes,


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