The talent has no age, the passion doesn’t admit gravity…a brilliant proof by prodigy Maddie Ziegler, 12, swimming from the chandelier while performing for Mia’s music video.

The video has been nominated for Grammy, which is not surprising given both its powerful atmosphere; it reminds me both Henk van Rensberge’s work and Shutter Island: a haunting mixture of gloom, craziness, and melancholy.

At the first sight, you are dazzled by the incredible performance of Maggie Ziegler. More than a gifted dancer which smoothly mixes mimodrame, acrobatics, gymnastic and several dance influences (namely elements from classic dance, african dance and hip hop), she is litterally possessed.

But, as most of masterpieces, the video envelops several levels of interpretation, where both gestures and interior are symbolic. And this is where the video plays its role in reinforcing and deepening the message of song’s lyrics. Maggie’s character is a marionette of addiction, confined and lonely, turning in circles, torn between limitless joy and extreme despair (notice how successive stages of the choregraphy reflect these two sides: crazy joy of a party girl, but also spleen and shame and regret of the same girl the morning after). Vulnerable, helpless and dependent, but strangely, strong and innocent and free.

Well, time’s to stop commenting and let you see the video…over and over again 🙂

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