How to remain creative # 1- some ideas

Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating – John Cleese

panorama 3 objects lightbulbvf signedWhat creative people have as strenght is that the ideas seem to be a gift from above: it often materializes from nowhere, and you automatically have an awesome output. What creative people have as weakness is that the ideas seem to materialize from nowhere…and when it doesn’t happen, we could be lost and do not know how to relaunch the process.

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Use your ANDs!

No IFs or BUTs, just ANDs

Instant crush…very inspirational and positive ad, not only empowering women, but supportive of inner differences and contradictions of every human being…Contradictions which make us complexe and beautiful and unique. Which could make us strong and creative and happy if we integrate and assume them. Noticed all these ANDs? Apply them without moderation 🙂

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